faceless-meMy mood is terrible the past few weeks. Many things happen. Half-paid salary, debts, broken hearts. Tried to talk to someone, but it seems that he doesn’t understand me. This is not the first time happened to me. Usually, I talk to Mom about this. But, my Mom is no longer here. If she were here, I think she’d say, “Pray. Spill your heart out to Allah.”

Oh, Mom, I wish I could, but I’m so sinful that I’m unworthy talking to Allah directly. Even though I know, Allah is always listening 24/7 and accepting anyone, no matter how bad the person is. Oh I don’t know…. perhaps I kind of enjoying this sorrow. You know, sometimes pain is like a drug, you somehow got addicted to it. It’s bad, of course, but you’re so curious, you let it consume your conscience.

Anyways, I googled “suicide tendencies”–which resulted the name of a band. πŸ˜€

Then, there is a link about “free depression test“.

So, I took the online test:


And here’s the result:

Your Results

Your responses suggest that your mood is quite low, and it has been affecting your life in a negative way. It is possible that you might be in an episode of clinical depression.

What does it mean?

Based on your score, it seems that your mood is lower than it is for most people. There could be several reasons for this.

  • You might be struggling with issues such as poor health, relationship issues, or financial difficulties
  • You might be under a lot of stress
  • You might have clinical depression

Our recommendation

Your mood is low enough that it is getting in the way of things. We are concerned that you might be depressed.

Please consider talking to your physician or a mental health professional about your mood and your other symptoms. They may be able to find ways to help you improve your mood and/or help you handle life’s problems better, so you could live the kind of life you would like to live.

Damn. I AM depressed.

But, don’t worry… This, too, shall pass.