[Opinion] friday. rain. athan. make a wish

athan-in-the-rainIt’s Friday. It’s raining. And any minute now we’ll hear an athan (a Muslim call for praying time–5 times a day). Come, make a wish. Say your prayer, for those are the three moments which all wishes will be heard by God. Aamiin..

One of my friends told me, if you’re praying and make a wish, try to be more specific. Pray like you mean it and not just a mere: “O, Allah, please bless me with patient.”–but then you’re refused to walk on its test. Because every patience will be tested. If you will, pray in detail, “O, Allah, please shower me with rizq (God’s gift, such as wealth and health), so that I could do my hajj or umrah, then travel to the Europe without worrying my pocket would empty.” God is The Wealthiest, so ask a lot. Do not underestimate His power. That’s what my friend said. And, yeah, she has proven, thanks to her prayer, she already took the hajj, umrah and travel around Europe (even though not the whole Europe, she said), and went home with dozens of gifts for her family. 😀 Waaaaaaaa… I want it too.

In other hand, my father taught me, say your prayer with a positive attitude. Get rid of the negs, such as “no” or “don’t”. As in, “O, Allah, may my journey find NO trouble. DON’T let anything happen to me”–change it to, “O, Allah, please ease my journey. May you prevent us from troubles.” etc.

“Positive words will attract positive behavior. Simple things can make difference,” my dad said. Hmmm.. Yes! 😀

Anyways, happy Friday. Merry good-praying. And good luck in struggling to seek His bless and ridha.

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