tough love

My dear friend Sammy Silva, I translated “cinta tangguh” for you. 🙂

No matter how high and sweet one’s compliment, for me only your words touched my heart to its bottom. And you are the only human who rarely talk sweet to me.

But I understand that every stiffness manner of yours, your loud and strict voice are the part of how you expressed your love to me. You never seem tired to educate me, teach me logic, pride and faith that Allah is above all. Even when I gave up and have quit listening, you held on. Giving me space to think and realize. Only you are the true man who let me grow and bloom.

Your love is a tough love, sturdy and strong. A nurturing love, flow like the air and water.


Then tell me, how can I replace your existence in my heart, if my lungs were filled with the atmosphere of your love, and my vein streamed by half of your blood? Tell me, how to live without you–because I know, the world will never be the same if I’m not with you. How can I keep walking on this path of fate without you, while I know, deep in my heart, God created me to become your significant other.

Lock your sight only to me, o the love of my soul. Then, allow me to show you what happiness is, as you show me the stairway to heaven.

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