Sometimes In Life

Sometimes in life,
Everything can go so wrong
That all you can do is to deal with it.

Sometimes in life,
Everything is (seem) so right
That you fear it won’t last forever.

And, no, it doesn’t last. Nothing does.

Sometimes in life,
You’ve done everything you could
and still things went wrong.

Sometimes in life,
You take it easy
and then your troubles unfold by themselves.

Ah, life…

One thing I learned from mine is that
“life is a roller coaster.”

Against it is futile.
So, just enjoy your ride.
You might feel sick by it,
or you might feel that exciting adrenaline rushes.
But you do know that the belt keeps you safe.

One day, your life-car will stop at the last station,
and you can look at the gigantic tracks you have ridden.
Be amazed.
You’ve arrived safely.
As long as you’re not vomiting that is. 🙂

Enjoy your Friday, folks.
Love your life and live it to the fullest.
Be useful for others,
because that’s what life is all about. ❤

from game Roller Coaster Tycoon

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