Masih Kau, Rumahku

Di antara kelemahanku dengan kelebihanmu,
Di antara kelemahanmu dengan kelebihanku,
‘Nyata masih menetap ini rindu,
Hatimu masihlah rumah bagi hatiku,
Mungkin itulah jawaban hakiki Sang Maha Cinta,
Bahwa sesungguhnya kita saling separuh jiwa..

Tena tappuna pangngaingku ri katte, Daeng.

Between my weaknesses and your strongs,
Between your weaknesses and my strongs,
Stays our feelings of long,
Your heart is still my heart’s home.

Perhaps this is the true answer of The Divine,
Of the same soul that we are entwined.

My devotion for you is endless, Daeng..

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