Funny Convo – with my Son

That-Makes-Two-Of-Us-Very-Funny-Conversation-Picture-My teen children, are funny kids. We often have funny conversation together. Sometimes in bahasa Indonesia, sometimes in English, and most of the time: mixed. I’m going to post several funny conversations between me and my kids. On this entry, funny convo with my son would begin the series. Here we go..

Rangga (my son) : Mom, why don’t you bake cakes or steam buns like Granny does?

Me: Well, as you can see, I’m working, so I don’t have much time baking cakes or cookies.

Rangga: You can do it on weekends.

Me: I’m usually tired on weekends.

Rangga: Riiiiite. Come on, Mom. Bake some..

Me: Son, you know I can not afford to buy microwave, even simple ovens.

Rangga: How much they cost? I think you can afford it.

Me: No, really. See, even a simple oven priced Rp300.000 or Rp400.000 or so.

Rangga: See? Not so expensive.

Me: Not so expensive? Imagine we buy 3 or 4 ovens, it’s already more than a million rupiah..

Rangga: (pauses, and then) Why would we buy 3 or 4 ovens if 1 is enough, Mom. You’re not making any sense.

Me: (can not reply, busy laughing at my own silly arguments. And, I laugh even harder because my son caught me red-handed about it).

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  1. enybodyhome says:

    bhakakakakaka asli alesanlo ga masuk akal banget mba :))

    1. Hahahahaha.. Namanya juga usaha ngeles, En.. ^_^

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