Looks can be deceiving

Don’t let the look fools you.

Just because a person LOOK happy and smiling all the time doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems of their own.

wpid-cymera_20140415_115119.jpgEverybody has problems. That’s the most challenging part of life: problems. What makes it different is the person who’s facing it. How they deal with it. What’s their decision to cope with it.

Some decided to face it with rage. Anger. Wrath. And my opinion about this way: Well it might help at first though. Go on, go ahead, mad. Just make sure you didn’t create more problems by that raging actions.

And some people decided to keep smiling. With hope that “this too shall pass” and that their hearts will soon be smiling again, like their lips. My opinion about this: I concur. I follow such way.

Why? Well, simply, smiling is contagious. And, hell yeah, THIS TOO, SHALL PASS.

I often think, if I’m facing problems, why should I be angry? Is being angry will make you solve the problems brilliantly? The answer is yours. But, by smiling, like I said earlier: smile is contagious. Just like positivity, which is also contagious. I prefer to face everything with positivity. It makes me feel better, even though it won’t exactly solved my problems–at least I didn’t create more-possible problems. ^_^ And that’s enough for me.

The choice is yours.

But then again…. beware, looks can be deceiving. The point of this post is, please show others some empathy, some compassion, some love. Just because they LOOK happy, doesn’t mean they don’t carry their own sadness and troubles.

And that’s it for today post. Have a splendid Tuesday, Comrades. Spread the love.

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