to bring out the best in me

The last few weeks, my boyfriend is really busy convincing me to change my career. He said, I deserve a better career, because it’s time for me to expand my horizon. Spread my wings wider and ready to fly. He said, a person like me must have a great destiny ahead of me, waiting for me to fulfill it. Therefore I need to grow, stronger, wiser and must gain more knowledge.

Honestly, I’m touched. He saw something in me and now he tries to wake me up, to bring out the best in me. Nobody does it to me before. Well, actually my ex husband did the same thing too back then. The difference is that my boyfriend (now) didn’t only *force* me to grow, he also gave me way to access this “change” I must step in.

It seems like my boyfriend spent his time, not only trying to help me grow stronger mentally dan build a better character on me. He also paid a close attention on my skills and abilities. All he said was, “A person with your abilities would fit this kind of career path. Don’t waste that good skills on a non-challenging job like yours right now. Go on, be bigger.”


And yesterday, he teased me. Saying that his assessment on me wasn’t made for only one or two days of observation. He did it the whole 4 months of our togetherness. And not only observed me on the surface, he also observed deeply *in* me. Hahahaha.. Oh, my dear! Don’t tease me when you’re away, it’s just unfair to leave me hanging like that. *LOL*

Okay, I won’t share further personal story of me and him, sorry. It’s not for public reading. *LOL*

However, what my boyfriend did had made me thinking seriously about my life. My career. And furthermore, for my children. I mean, it’s important to be loved and to love the children, but they also needed to feel proud of their parents. So, aside of working simply to earn money, I decided that I must start to think what kind of job I must choose in the future. So that, it won’t only earning the dollars (or in this case, rupiah!), but also gaining good name out of it.  And I couldn’t think of a better and honorable job than working for the country: Bringing a change into this loving motherland of Indonesia. An honorable job. But I don’t know what is it yet.

Anyways, the career I am taking right now, as the editor of the website of Urban Poverty (Alleviation) Program is somewhat an honorable job, I think. I’ve been working here for more than eight years. At the same position, same job description. Writing, editing, and publication are something I did best, I think. And yet, my boyfriend said, I must move on. I’ve been lingering in my comfort zone a little too long. It’s time to challenge myself further.

Hmm.. He probably right.

Okay, so he gave me some recommendations, to join an international NGO. I did apply few of them. I’ve done my part, so let’s just see where life will take me.

And to my boyfriend “D”, thank you. I understand that you don’t express how you feel toward me, and that you don’t even speak “I love you” or “I miss you” to me, but when you do that, I can see that you really do love me, so much. I am so blessed to be loved by a gentleman like you. I love you. ^_^


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