The Reason(s) Why (pt.2)

Okay, so we’ve learned the first reason why I fell in love with my boyfriend D [please read: The Reason(s) Why (pt.1) ].

Simple: he was a good friend in one of my worst times. He gave me necessary and logical advices of what’s right and what’s not.

Secondly… when I finally, officially, divorced, it actually made D sad. He kept asking, isn’t there another way? Is it really that terrible that the two of us can’t fix it? Such questions were asked by him over and over. And I, being strict, said NO. I can’t fix this anymore. It’s too painful to me and the kids.

Learning that, D changed his mind. He said, now the only thing I must do is to protect my children. The fight between I and my ex, all these years, had wounded them (kids). Save them now. Help them recover from mental injury. It’s my priority now. In short, I must take a better care of my children, and D assured me, he’ll take a good care of me. And that, might be as well, one of his reasons in deciding to take me into his life, and further, to love me.

So yes, I started to fall in love with D, my previously-good-friend, because he “slapped me in the face”, made me realize that I must stand tall in facing this shit (divorce), because my children need me more. And he’d back me up when ever I need a shoulder to lean on and rest for awhile.

Another reasons why I fell for D are stated in our latest conversation just this evening. Let me translate it for you, my comrade-readers. ^_^

D (him): Forget about your past. The most important thing is learn from your mistakes and how to make a better future out of it. Don’t keep whatever thing that was bothering your mind.

N (Me): Thank you, Honey. I’m glad my heart made a smart decision, that is loving you. Because you taught me many things, do you know that?

D: What? What can you learn from me? What can I do, really. *smiled*

N: Oh, a lot lot lot, Honey.. I’m learning humility and nobility from you. I also learned how to behave honorably, so that none shall look down on me nor underestimated me. And I also learned from you of how to be stronger and tougher.

And every time I look for your advice, never once, you pitied me. Instead, you “pushed” me to stand up and run again.

You are my best companion, because you never say what I WANT to hear. You only say what I NEED to hear. And I get you, because you’ve read me deep into my soul. You understood my character. My essence. And most of all, you trusted me, that I’m tough enough of a woman.

D: Ma, what are you saying? *laugh, shy*

N: When I wasn’t even sure of my strength, it was you who poked me, so I won’t be a spoiled brat that trapped in self-pity. Now, see? That’s how you are. When ever I stripped down your soul, you withdrew and returned back to your humble-self. That’s why I love you. Because you brought out the best in me.

And the reason why I love you is because you feel me. Because you trusted the strength in me. Because you’re educating me, not pampering me.

And then, as usual, when he gets shy, he changed topic. ^_^ But that’s enough though. At least now he knows what ever thing he deserves to know. I don’t mind switching one topic to another in such a fast pace, because I can still follow it anyway. ^_^

Rite. That’s all for tonight’s post. See y’all later. And thank you for reading.. ^_^


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