I Dreamed of Purple Sky

I Dreamed of Purple Sky

I dreamed of purple sky,
and the grand land of lavenders
The sun sets and rises, hidden in shy,
Between mists and sweet kisses

I can picture us two,
sitting quietly toward the horizon.
My head leans onto your shoulder.
And you gently lean your cheek to my head.
You give me tender kisses within our silence.
Your fingers entwined with mine
It makes our souls emerging,
melting became one.

That moment, words have lost their meaning.
Because nothing can describe this beauty we’re feeling.

And all love songs in the world have failed
to compete this overwhelming love we’ve found
within each other.

That moment I finally realize
the true meaning of forever.
Because when I am with you,
the time freezes.
The world around us carries on,
while the space between you and I, is stopping.

This planet of you and I has this beautiful purple sky,
and the grand land of lavenders.
The sun sets and rises in shy
between the mists and sweet kisses.

Finally in you, I found forever.

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