When I’m Feeling Blue

Image belongs to http://www.popkitten.com
Image belongs to http://www.popkitten.com

When I’m feeling blue, my bestfriend told me these stories.

First story.

Once upon a time, there was a man in heap trouble, went to the home of the wealthiest man in town. This rich man well-known as a person who often gives help to those who needed. A philantropist, perhaps. When the two are finally met, this troubled-man said, “Sir, please help. I am truly in a need for a help.”

But the next thing that happen is out of expectation. The rich-man scolded and sent him away, “Go away, you. I don’t give help just like that to anyone. I only give help to the disable and blinds.”

Stunned, the troubled-man replied, “Yes I will leave, you greedy man. It is I who was blind. I should have never turn my face for your help. I should only turn my face to Allah and ask for His help instead.”

–the story of his, made me smile. ^_^

Second story.

There was a pious man who just passed away, and because of his good deeds during his lifetime, Allah rewards him the heaven as his home to return to. But, before he walks in the gate of heaven, he stood by Allah and asked, “O, Allah, Almighty, please show me of my lifetime with Thee.”

Allah, then, takes him to a place where beach sands are spread as far as the eyes can see. The pious man can see two pairs of footprints on the sands. Allah says, “These pair of footprints are Mine and these are yours.”

The pious man starts to observe and see, those two pairs of footprints often sees side by side where ever the course is. But at some spots, the two pairs of footprints cut off, and only one pair of footprints shows. Then the next meters away, they become two pairs of footprints side by side again. It happens repeatedly.

The pious man stops at the singled footprints.

He then asks, “O, Allah, this is the point when I was in the deepest trouble. Why did You abandoned me then, o, Allah?”

Allah was all smiling and answers, “What are you talking about. This is the moment when I used my hands to lift you up.”

–to this point, I’m a little confuse.

I asked my bestfriend, “So, the last pair of footprints are Allah’s?”

“Yes,” he answered me. And continued, “So Allah wasn’t abandoned him, but lifting him up where he stumbled and feeling that he couldn’t continue his journey.”

After reading his explanation, my tears were falling as the waterfall.

From these stories, my bestfriend reminded me: when you are in trouble, ask help only to Allah. He will never fail any of His servant who seek for His help. (Remember, Allah is the best help-provider). And when you are in trouble, Allah doesn’t leave you, but to lift you up to a higher degree of life.

Mashallah. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Thank Thee, O Allah, for meeting me with good-hearted pious people I could call bestfriends of my soul. They–my bestfriends–are those who never turn their faces away when I fall, as if it’s a sign that You also never turn Your face from my dark hours. They always encourage me, and it’s like a sign of You also are encouraging me.

Thank you. I love Thee, O, Allah.

Thank you for the stories, Isky. I rewrito it into bahasa Indonesia, and today I translated it back to English, wondering if you’re reading this too. The content of the stories may not exactly like we were talked about, but I hope I didn’t make mistake with the interpretation. Thank you. I adore you and I cherish our friendship so much. I *heart* you. ❤

A friend in need is a friend indeed. ^_^

My apology if I haven’t been the friend you expect I am to be. I will do my best in the future. That, if you’re still willing to have me.

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