Happiness comes from Simple Things

Happiness is simple. Or happiness comes from simple things. That’s what my friend, Eny said, via her facebook status, yesterday.

At that time, Eny was feeling happy for finding out the pillow bolster (inside the sheet pack) she bought earlier, already stringed.

Interested in such topic, I commented: my ultimate happiness is dry towels.

And she agreed. ^_^

Ah yes.. Dry towels. When you are in need to shower or just soaked in, having dry towel is heavenly! No shit. *pardon* I meant, REALLY! Dry towels make you clean and fresh.

Imagine, when you’re touching the towel and it’s a little wet–if not drenched. I’d personally be pissed off. I hate wet towel, for whatever reason. That’s why I never share my towels with anyone. Not even the kids. ^_^ Sorry kiddos. You must bring your own towels.

Anyways, she made that hash tag: #BahagiaItuSederhana (means Happiness is Simple). Curious, I clicked on it and find many things shared by Indonesian fellow–about their version of happiness. How simple things that made them happy.

I’m sharing here my personal favorite “happiness is simple” shared by all people. Won’t tell their names though, for privacy reason. 🙂

  1. A guy shared a picture of himself, holding a paper puppet, saying it’s him and his wife and they made it together. It makes him happy. So sweeet! ^_^ 
  2. A young girl shared, her happiness is to receive a morning text from her ex–apparently, she still likes him–as her breakfast. Awww.. ^_^
  3. Another young girl shared for getting a free phone-unit (pulsa) from her friend, knowing that she really need the pulsa unit to call or texting. Hmmmm.. ^_^
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  4. Another girl said, her simple happiness is when ever seeing her loved one laugh. Awwww! Me too! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my loved ones smile and laugh, especially if it’s because of my jokes. 

Oh shoot. Okay, FB is having trouble today, so I was unable to retrieve more information of the same tag #BahagiaItuSederhana

So, I totally agree with the point 4. If you can make your family or friends smile to see you, or to hear your jokes, it’s just make me happy.

I also feel so happy whenever I come home and see my youngest running to my embrace. He looks very happy to see me. His small hands hugging me and his little mouth kissing me, calling me, “Mamam pulaaaang!” it’s just heaven. ^_^

And, one more thing.. This is actually a secret, but since you are my good comrades, good readers, I will share it here. Ssssh.. just keep this between us, okay? There is one particular thing that make me happy so much every single day. It’s a good internet connection. 🙂

Yes! Good internet connection makes my work easier. It facilitating my hobbies for blogging too. So, thank God for internet connection. 😉

With the connection–internet and blackberry service–I’m able to communicate with my parents who are now living in Bali. And also with my sisters, brother. With such connection I can also share my knowledge to friends who needed it. And with the connection, I’m able to communicate with my loving bestfriends who live far away from me.

So, indeed, happiness is simple. 🙂

May you all have a happy night, comrades! *hugs*

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