Pencak Silat Quest

Tonight Discovery Channel broadcast Fight Quest: Indonesia. Fascinating!

Two foreigners named Doug and Jimmy, came to Bandung–Sarijadi regency to be exact, to learn Pencak Silat as their fight quest. Pencak Silat is one of traditional martial art of Indonesia.

The foreigners learned from two gurus named Guru Dadang and Guru Rita. These gurus are two of the most famous gurus of Pencak Silat.

Doug learned Pencak Silat from Guru Dadang. The teaching is more moderate as he was taught how to hold pain even though his body is beaten. He also witnessed debus demonstration. Debus is ‘another’ side of Pencak Silat which include black magic. Doug watched the show in terror and amazement as the guy who performed debus cut his tongue with a machete, but his tongue was not cut at all. He kept saying, “It’s insane! How can you beat a man who doesn’t feel pain?” hehe.. Well Doug, even us–Indonesians–amazed with debus show! And yes,it’s pretty insane, yet fascinating! 😛

Doug went well with the silat, and he had swollen right foot, but he’s ready for the big fight on day 5th.

Now, Jimmy, has a tougher practice from Guru Rita. He was amazed with this woman’s skill. Way to go, Guru Rita! Indonesian woman rocks! Hehe.. Jimmy has to learn speed, endurance, and balance in a secret practicing ground, somewhere in Tangkuban Parahu mountain. He experienced running through the hills, barefoot. Yeah, barefoot! His feet sore and broke, but Jimmy handled it well. And, eventhough Guru Rita scolded him as being too slow (while running IN a muddy lake!) and fell to a cold lake water (while standing on bamboos that sticked hard to the lake bed) Jimmy didn’t give up. Good job, Jimmy!

The big fight came on 6th day. Jimmy and Doug did well, to the second round of the Pencak Silat competition. It’s not bad at all for a guy who learn silat for only 5 days! Not bad at all.. Come again next year and learn more and beat the local silat masters, Jimmy and Doug. It will be an honor for us too, I think. 😉 Good job!

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