Good bye, Amber

Have I ever mentioned that I love House (M.D.) Series? Yeah, I love it. Almost never missed it. And tonight’s serie, Amber–Wilson’s girlfriend–died. Amber is a young doctor who once recruited by House, but didn’t pass.

Too bad, I love this Amber character. She’s lovely and as sarcastic as House. She’s a match to House’s sharp words. And it’s fun to see Amber and House fighting over Wilson’s time. And it’s fun to see Wilson trapped in the middle between Amber’s boyfriend and House’s bestfriend.

And now, seeing this sequel, might be the saddest episodes of House I’ve ever watched!

It started with a bus crash. House were the passanger, had 4 hours amnesia, later found out Amber was on the bus too. As House slowly start to remember, he was the one that caused Amber to come to the Sharrie’s bar and picked him up on behalf of Wilson. House was drunk, that’s why Amber picked him for Wilson, and went home with a bus. Alas, the bus was hit by other cars, twice, the passangers are scattered, so did Amber and House.

Pity that Amber’s body was broken. Tarchycardio, complicated with kidneys failure, followed with liver failure, caused her body unable to absorb a flu pill. It’s lethal when your body no longer able to have blood cycle nor produce antibody. House learns that he couldn’t save Amber, after he ‘made’ Amber picked him up for drunk, he cried. For the first time in my life I saw House cry! Later, the scene is devastating. House went comma, Amber and Wilson are saying good byes.. Amber died.

And I cried too.. I’m not shy about it! This serie deserves a devoted fans! Really..

Well, good bye Amber. Be strong Wilson. By the way, it’s such a sweet scene to see Cuddy sat by House’s bed all the time while he’s recovering from comma.. Hope that Wilson still bestfriends with House.

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