life is a chance of devotion

I wrote this five years ago on facebook. And it appeared again on the “memories” post, and still relevant for today’s life, so I’m going to share it here. Originally, it’s written in bahasa Indonesia. But in this blog, allow me to translate it all to English, so my English-speaking friends may share the knowledge as well. And, of course, I will also let my Indonesian-speaking friends read it in this link.

I spent the entire morning chatting with one of my best friends. We talked about life. Her life, my life.

It’s true that calm water usually has the deepest seabed. True, that a person who laugh the loudest is the loneliest and holding on the deepest pain.

I’ve been through one of a hell of heavy life, even heavier than my weight (hahaha..) But, well, just smile on it. Because getting angry, gloomy, and busy feeling sorry to yourself will give you nothing. All of them won’t make our lives better. Just know, there are people out there suffered more than I was–and they survived, stay positive thinking, positive doing.

I was thinking, people with terrible burden but still manage to smile sincerely is Allah’s way in teaching me to never give up on Allah’s grace. May Allah bless those people. They’re inspiring and may it will become their endless amal (deed) for them. Aamiin..

The point is, family and friends, keep your spirit up. Be sabr (patient) and ikhlas (sincere). Life is not easy. Never is. Only dead fish letting themselves wash away with the stream. Be grateful and life the best way we can. Because life is our chance to devote ourselves to Allah.

Happy weekend.

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