Noisy airplane? Be grateful!

Being a daughter of a flight attendant who often followed her dad fly to several Indonesia’s islands has made me fall in love with aircraft, and flying. My most favorite moment to fly is early morning, and late night.

In the early morning flight, you will be able to see the sun rises right on the top of the earth (well, about 28,000 to 32,000 feet above sea level that is, actually), and that’s one of the most awesome sights to see! And the late night flight will show you “the stars of earth”–that’s how I call the flickering lights of the cars and buildings in the city–and THAT, my friend, is also an awesome sight!

And every single time I took a plane trip, I remember my dad’s story. A story of a small conversation between my dad and his sisters, during a flight from Manokwari to Jakarta. Their airplane was a Hercules, it’s one of the most noisy, high-pitched, roughest airplanes in the world. His sister said, “Oh my poor brother. This is what you hear every day in your work. The noise is awful, and you bear it for hours on daily basis..”

My dad laughed, “No, that’s exactly where you’re incorrect, dear sister. Praise to Allah for this noise. Pity me when the noise is gone while we’re still flying. It means the engines failing us and that would be the end of me.”

My dad’s sisters laughed and changed their opinions, “Oh then, Alhamdulillah for the noise!”

That’s why I never complained the noise of any airplane. It’s a blessing, really.. Just like my dad said. His saying also made me realize one thing, “Always take the positive side on every little thing. Then you’ll see how great Allah’s love is upon you.”

A glimpse of Java island when I flew to Surakarta (Solo), West Java from Jakarta, Tuesday (25/4) early morning with Garuda Indonesia Airlines

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