[Ramadhan Talks] Love is

Love is….

😍 Twenty miscalls on our first sahur (suhoor, the pre-dawn meal) on the first day of Ramadhan. I finally picked it up at the 21st. *LOL* Awkwardly, because I was still so sleepy.

On the other end, he spoke, “Hey, wakey wakey. What time is it now? Come and go on, do the sahur. What’s the time now, there?”

“Almost 30 to 4 am, Bae,” I replied. Giggled.

“Okay. Go on, then. Sahur,” he said again. Then I heard some kind of noise in his background. Like a pair of sandals on the gravels. I bet he was just returning from masjid (mosque), did the subuh (dawn) shalah. It’s so nice of him, to call me in the middle of his way to or from the masjid. 😍

“Okay. Thank you, honey. Talk to you later,” I hung up and get ready to cook the sahur for my kiddos.

And the next day, there were 17 miscalls. But this time, I was busy cooking. When I finally reached my phone, reckon that  my man tried to call, I texted him, “Sorry, Honey. I was cooking. We already woke up. Thank you, sweetie..”

He replied, shortly, “Bad girl.”


It’s kind of cute that he could be funny with me. Because in others’ eyes, he’s that sharp, stiff and rigid kind of person. He seldom smile and rarely talk to others. But to others’ surprise, he’s a damn good partner to have serious discussion to. Yes, he’s that smart. And we all know how true brilliant individual doesn’t talk much.

And yet, to me, he could be funny, talkative, chitty-chatty, and full of attentions.

We don’t always agree on something. Heck we often disagree for a lot of things and lead us into bad arguments. But somehow we managed to overcome every difference, every pain, every ego. We always end up learning and adapting with each other. Ah… LOVE.

Thank you for loving me that much, bae..

I love you.

My soulmate. 😚

Love is.. even when you two had terrible fight the other night, he was still calling to wake you up for sahur

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