the wrath

Oh dear Lord,
Forgive me for I’ve sinned
You know how much anger I keep within
I am guilty for this rage
This wrath..
Forgive me, oh my God.

Sometimes I can not bear this pain inside
Sometimes my cheerful mask just feel too heavy to put on
Sometimes the darkness of hatred rules my heart
That is the moment when I became so angry of the life you destined me..

Forgive me for defying Thee, O, God.
It’s just that the sorrow I held for a long time,
it haunted me once awhile
And my patience can no longer imprison it all..

Oh dear Allah, how I miss my youngest son
And how I miss my mom
for she was the only person who can hold me calm
How come you take her when I still need her so much?
And how could fate made me choose the hardest choice of my life
And cost me a marriage and a child custody..
How come You made my boy turned against me and leave me behind
to live with a useless piece of shit I used to call husband
God, I don’t understand Your plan!
Tell me, tell me this is for the best
Or I can never be rest..

Oh Lord, forgive me for I’ve sinned
The sin of wrath that I keep within..
Please take care of my little boy, O God..
Please tell him that Mommy loves him where ever he is..
Tell him that Mommy didn’t mean to abandon him..
Tell him that Mommy had to do this for a very strong reason..
The reasons that he’d understand later, one day..
Tell him that, even though Mommy and daddy have flaws,
Still, we both love him and do our bests to fulfill all he needs
Tell him that he done nothing wrong, just be patient, son..

Oh God..
Forgive me for my sin of wrath..


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