Happy Birthday, Tom Hiddleston

Knew it from my daughter’s facebook about Tom “Loki” Hiddleston’s birthday today. She re-shared 9gag’s pic saying the exactly same greeting. Well, it’s “normal”, since Hiddleston is one of 9gag’s favorite celebrities.

Then I found this prank interview between Hiddleston and The Smosh on youtube. We–me and my daughter and son–watched it, and we had crazy laughters altogether. It was fun. And, damn, I think I fell in love with this guy. Really. ^_^

Anyways, happy birthday, Tom Hiddleston! May you live a long, happy, healthy and more amazing joyous life. God bless and love you. Mmmmwaa..

Hope I’d get “Loki” that he’ll read this post somehow. Haha..
If he does, just two words:



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