imageThirty-minutes past 2 am,
I found myself lie awake,
In my dark, cold room..
My mind is wandering,
My eyes are wide open,
But no object focus my sight..

Oh, how I miss my little man..
He who usually asleep next to me,
He who sometimes reaches his hands to my embrace,
Or swing his little foot onto my face–accidentally.. ^_^
Or his cute nagging voice asking for more milk bottles..

Oh, how I miss my little man,
With his chubby cheeks and innocent snorr,
And his sweet sweat smell,
And lovely milky scent of breath,
And forever fresh cookie-like skin aroma,
This little man who calls me “Mum”.

Come back home soon, son.
You’ve been away to your grandparents’ place for 20 hours,
But to me it’s already felt like 20 weeks..

Mum-mum misses you so much! :*