Our upcoming Good Lawyer Book!

PhotobucketRose Heart Publishing™ in collaboration with Prihartono & Partners – Law Offices will proudly launch a Collection of Legal Stories written by Indonesian Bloggers. The Collection titled GOOD LAWYER will become the first and only book to blend literature with Indonesian legal norms, springing from the ideas and creativeness of the young bloggers of Indonesia associated under the banner of Roseheart Writers, including authors such as: Mhimi, Deesan, Ferror, Nina, Jini, Riu, Haerul, Nia, Rinnie, Ebramn, Eny, Henny and many more!

Check out these interesting dialogues for starters!

“Daeng, not even your hut and my rickshaw together will be enough to pay Rose, and Rose will only accept Dollars…!! Read that newspaper well…!! She is Miss Dollar Lawyer, a lawyer who is paid in dollars…!!” cried Jamal to Daeng Lira with some frustration. Anyone who lives in this town would be well familiar with this lawyer.


“You are a Superior Justice with the Religious Court, Pak Nurdin. Do I need to explain to you some of these clauses to you? The first paragraph of Section six of the marriage law clearly states that a marriage must be upon the consent of the bride and groom. And in the second paragraph of the Section it is clear that a person below twenty-one years of age who wishes to enter into matrimony must obtain the consent of both his or her parents.”

“Zul is already twenty-one. He no longer needs to obtain approval from his parents. Paragraph twenty-two allows for the annulment of a marriage, if it is discovered that the couple did not meet the requirements to enter such matrimony in the first place. I believe these two have met these requirements. The requirement of a dowry is not compulsory!!


“Pak Yosef … Pak Yosef has just been murdered!!!” cried Candice sobbing.
“What??” Mandy was startled beyond her wits.
“Pak Yosef was just murdered!!!” Candice’s cries become louder.
“Calm yourself Candice … please, calm down, “ said Mandy, trying to get Candice to stop crying.
“Pak Yosef was just murdered!!! Murdered!!,” said Candice nearing hysterics, as if she didn’t hear Mandy’s words.
“Who murdered Pak Yosef??”
“Pak Yosef was just murdered … I murdered him!!


Aida did not show any fear. “Alright, we will meet at the pre-hearing. I will also tell the court about the Garda incident, where the police slipped and deliberately showed the evidence to the suspect, allowing the accused to panic and end up losing his life. This all lies on your shoulders as the head of unit, as it was your men who conducted the investigations!” exclaimed Aida while getting up from her chair and walking towards the door.


“Ehm.. wasn’t you the one who taught me to be like this? Don’t say that you are defending them pro bono..huh!! Class action case? Ooh.. please. You’re not from Legal Aid. Some must have paid you well. Who was it it? The bodyguard? Or was it the dirty general??!”


“Noooo……. !!!!” Shofie cried hysterically upon hearing the court ruling, unbelieving of what she had just heard. How can a lawyer as capable of herself lose to some amateur from the small Ngajuk town.

“Nooooooooooooooo… !!”
she kept on shouting.

And many more suspenseful legal stories! Expect it to hit the shelves of your nearest bookstores soon!

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