Tonight’s the last day of Ramadan. That means,it’s the last day we’re fasting. Even though we’ve passed a quite rough day, we ended the fasting month with the most appealing supper as the break-food of today’s fast.

My husband (as shown in the pic) and I enjoyed the foot at Rice Bowl restaurant in Plaza Blok M, Southern of Jakarta. I ordered Oriental Chicken cajun Rice and Iced Cappuccino with Float. My husband ordered BBQ noodle and mineral water.

The foods are outstanding! They’re fabulously delicious! Way to go, Rice Bowl. Although,well,the serve is somewhat slow. But,it’s understandable as such hours are the ‘rush hour’ moment! Nevertheless, I must give credits to the waiters and waitresses and chefs too, for their great efforts and given Rice Bowl a good name when it comes to culinary delight! Good job!