Eid el Fitr is coming, and the town is a lot quieter. Yippeee!! Jakarta, the third of most polluted town in the world has always been busy and noisy, and now it’s a lot calmer.

And instead, the other part of towns outside Jakarta is heavily passed by thousands of cars and motorcycles going home (mudik). Now you know, most people who live and work in Jakarta are not originally Jakartan. And during such holiday has always been like frenzy coming-home ritual for all of us.

Imagine, to travel from Karawang (pretty near to Jakarta) to Jatibarang (near Cirebon) takes 9 hours! Usually it takes around 4 hours to get there. I heard the news from elshinta local radio. Whoaa.. The same old heavy traffic problem in moments like this. Hehe..

Happy Eid el Fitr everyone!