United Parcel Service or UPS, worldport in Louisville, USA is extremely impressive! 154 km conveyor belt, over 100 planes armada powered with ADBS (or is it ABDS? I forgot the name. It’s a plane radar that send plane’s coordinate to the ATC).

They also have sophisticated DWS (scanner) technology, supported with advance barcodes filled with packages’ detail information–not only the address and postcode, but also weight! For all that they equipped advance tools like posisorter and other traffic-like system in the worldport factory.
They have 9,000 workers: pilots, flight trainers, meteorologists, marshallers, ground crews, sorters and drivers who never do left turn πŸ˜€ –with their DIAD (gps-like tool).

This year-1907-erected company recorded 2,5 million packages in 24 hours. They’re definitely doing serious business! Again, impressive!

Oh, I watched the documentary report on Superfactory National Geographic Channel (by cable). I’m simply an NGC and Discovery Channel addict.. πŸ˜‰