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To understand how valuable a glass of water is, one must take a long walk onto the scorching desert

[MusiClip] Muse – Hysteria

Today’s anthem for me is Muse’s Hysteria. I’ve been listening to it since this 06.30 am (Western Indonesia Time), when I sat on the bus stop to go to the … Continue reading

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everything fades away

And everything fades away. It dissolves. Died. Reborn. Evolves. The remnants pillars of pain stay in the heart of the past. But sometimes it comes to haunt. It races you. … Continue reading

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were you thinking of me?

My dearest Mommy, In heaven.. Were you thinking of me The moment you’re leaving your body Were you thinking of me The moment you realize the life contract has ended … Continue reading

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I really couldn’t…

Dear KawaNina (Nina’sComrades), You might aware and have read, from this blog, that my mom just passed away this year. On August 5th, 2014 to be exact. Four months, four … Continue reading

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[Reblogged] How to Know He’s a Sociopath

Found the link from a friend. Read it, and oh my dear Lord, it’s pretty much my life in a nutshell. I’ve been through that exact path. Glad I got … Continue reading

December 2, 2014 · 2 Comments

[Movie Review] The Giver

Here it is another Hollywood’s product that talks about the suppression of emotion. This might be the best “suppressed emotion” movie I’ve watched after “Equilibrium”. I am not going to … Continue reading

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If God Wants

If God wanted it, He would make a hippo and a lion both in love with each other. :)

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Lesson Learned

I may not the most perfect girl in the world, But I’ve done my bests and keep my words. Many people, men and women, said, Anyone who receives my love … Continue reading

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The Decision

I finally reached the point Where I’ve made up my mind. I’m making a decision, The decision. To close down my heart And begin to open my head. With hope … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Fayy

Happy Birthday, my son, Farrell Ivannov Wijaya. Selamat Ulang Tahun! Sebenernya sih masih 11 jam lagi ultah resmimu, Nak. Hehe.. Waktu itu, Rabu, 25 November 2009, seharusnya mamam hanya memeriksakan … Continue reading

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Just because

Just because your heart shattered, Doesn’t mean your body should be tortured. Let the pain in the heart stays there, Don’t let its thorns pricked you anywhere. For the heart … Continue reading

November 24, 2014 · 8 Comments

Simply you

It’s simply you, The guy I have chosen. The man my dreams have printed. It’s simply you, The best  friend my heart have laid on. The husband my soul has … Continue reading

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Sleep Well

Sleep well, restless souls. Bind your hearts, let your destinies entwined. Tomorrow is a whole different day. Don’t hold your breath, just enjoy the sun ray.

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Betapa Aksara

Betapa aksara tak mampu ungkapkan semua rasa. Sama sepertimu, aku memilih dicinta tanpa kata. Namun bagaimana bisa, jika utk bertatap mata saja kita tak kuasa?

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Dalam Senyap

Sejak pertama mata kita bertumbuk, waktu seakan terhenti dan bertumpuk. Seketika lara terusir dari dalam jiwa, dan hatiku menemukan rumahnya. Lalu ia terlelap. Kekasih, aku mencintaimu dalam gelap. Dalam senyap.

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Ketika logika mengalahkan rasa, adakah makna kemanusiaan yang tersisa? Ketika takdir memilih mencintaiku laksana pujangga, dosakah jika aku memilih mencintaimu sepenuh jiwa raga? Ketika kejujuran dipertaruhkan untuk menyelamatkan makna, lalu … Continue reading

November 23, 2014 · 2 Comments

Dunia Boleh

Dunia boleh berteriak, menghujat, meludah dan memaki. Aku takkan ambil peduli. Waktu boleh mengancam berhenti. Aku takkan gentar, takkan sembunyi. Ketika lenganmu terentang meraihku, realitas berubah menjadi bola kaca. Ketika … Continue reading

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The Razads and Sandjaja ^_^ View on Path

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Day 102 Wafatnya Mama

Hari ke-102 kepergian Mama Ida Husein. Dan, air mata saya belum mampu terbendung. I miss my mom so much. Malam ini, izinkan Nien melepas rindu lewat tulisan ya, Mam.. Selama … Continue reading

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