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Nefer’s CV

Resume Summary
Latest Position Editor (Web)  IMG_20140414_191725
Years(s) of Work Experience 10 years 11 months (as per Oct 2016)
Latest Job Function Editorial/Journalism
Latest Industry Sector Online Media Publishing and Printing
Latest Career Level Senior
Highest Education
Bachelor Degree (Economics)
Personal Particulars
Gender Female
Age 39
Date of Birth 08-Oct-77
Nationality Indonesian
Marital Status Divorced
Living Location Tangerang Selatan
Postal Code 15418
Residential Status Owned
Number Of Children 3
Race Sundanese
Religion Islam
Has Driving License Yes (A)
Owned Vehicle No
Executive Summary
I’m well known as a hardworking and dedicated person. Especially to the company whose appropriate appreciation toward its employees.I have a strong skill in English (passive and active), excellent in computer and internet/social networking.I have 20 months of working experience in journalistics and on different fields, reflects that I am a well-adapting person and a good teamwork as well as a self-work.

I also have 131 months (as to Oct 2016) working experience as the website editor of Program Kota Tanpa Kumuh (KOTAKU) or National Upgrading Slum Program on Urban Area, formerly known as P2KP (Urban Poverty Program) and PNPM Mandiri Perkotaan (National Program for Community Empowerment of Urban Area), a non-profit non-government organization that dedicate itself in the community based empowerment program.My responsibility is to update Warta, Best Practices, Produk Unggulan KSM—contents of the website ( I have written and edited the writings from contributors for more than 4,500 articles published online;

As a freelance editor, I have edited:

  • Buku Best Practice PLPBK: Mewujudkan Impian dalam Menata Permukiman, for The Ministry of Public Works (Released December 2013);
  • Buku BP P4IP: Membuka Jalan Menggapai Harapan, for The Ministry of Public Works (Released December 2013);
  • “The Journey” by Mhimi Nurhaeda and Athe Latief, as editor (Udara Publishing, Makassar, March 2012)
  • “Father Knows Less” by Wendell Jamieson, as editor post translation (Penerbit Buah Hati, released on January 2011)
  • “Good Lawyer Season 2” by RoseHeart Writers, as writer & editor (Rose Heart Publisher, released on April 2010);
  • “Good Lawyer” by RoseHeart Writers, as writer & editor (Rose Heart Publisher, released on March 2009);.
  • Comic strip translation “Baby Blues” Book #3
  • A Best Practice of NAD, for Public Work Ministry book project (Released October 2007);
1995 – 2000 Universitas Padjadjaran, Sarjana Ekonomi (major: Economics)
Grade/GPA: 3.05 (scale 4)
Work Experience
Website P2KP (PNPM Mandiri Perkotaan)
Support and Assis t to Web Master, in main task as follow:

  • Arrange, maintain and review contents to be published daily for WARTA (Messages, Stories, Articles, Comments etc.) To receive, sort, send feedbacks, edit, upload/publish articles and photos sent by contributors (via email or website).
  • Assist the contributors to ensure the quality of the writing sent to Website.
  • Coordinate/ supervise impact and stimulate cooperation with contributors in the regions as contributors
  • Promotion of the web-site to all persons related to PNPM-UPP, and stimulation of contributions to the web-site.
  • Editor-in-chief also using social network/media such as facebook and twitter to promote website by adding web link
  • Arrange regular coverage by journalists at national level, to enrich the contents of articles on the WARTA and ”Comments” rubrics
  • Other tasks as stipulated by Web Master and Satker P2KP Pusat.
Nov 2005 – present 
To report flashnews or investigative from some of government institutions—Mabes Polri, Kejaksaan Agung, Pengadilan Tindak Pidana Korupsi, Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Selatan, KPK, Polres Jakarta Selatan, DPR/MPR.To write analysis articles of a factual or evergreen cases. Personal speciality was in “Investigation” and “Law/Crime” Desk.
Mar 2004 – Oct 2005
PT SEPANJANG INTI SURYA BERJANGKA Supervisor/Business Development
Supervise the team’s performance for trading in marginal trading market
Jun 2003 – Aug 2003
(independent) Web DesigningCreated web design for campus project, personal and also for a small entrepreneur. Creator and Moderator Mailing List of ESP 95, Unpad. Therefore, I was familiar with MS Frontpage. I recently studied Dreamweaver 8 as well, and familiar with html codes and css. Jun 1998 – Feb 2000
Microsoft Office (Excell, Words, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage 2003 and up), Adobe Photoshop CS2, 3, 4, 5, internet browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon), Dreamweaver 8, Final Draft, and familiar with html code and css.
Spoken: Bahasa Indonesia (Native), English (Excellent)
Written: Bahasa Indonesia (Native), English (Excellent)
Personal Websites/Blogs
Personal Blog 1:
Personal Blog 2:
Work Blog:
Twitter: @firstavina | Skype: firstavina | YM: cafel4tte | LINE: firstavina |

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